Do You need to connect Jira and Business Central to manage customer billable projects?

Here’s a solution that will connect both of these great softwares and enables easy way to track all the tasks in Jira and bill customers using Business Central. Connecting Jira and Business Central allows you to get benefit of two of the bery best of line of business applications and use them together. Connecting Jira and Business Central is useful for companies that need to track customer projects and track time against the projects and use that tracked time to bill customers.

Jira Jira is one of the most used industry standard agile project management software out there. Jira can be used to create and track issues and work together with customers to deliver solutions.

Business Central

Business Central is cloud native ERP solution that will enable you to bill your customers and manage the whole back office operation of the business.

Business Central will add to Jiras capabilities:

The apps features are the following:

The workflow would be the following:

How the app works technically?

The app works has two main functionalities:

Under the hood the app is using Azure Functions and Azure Storage Queues to enable all the functionality described above.

How to start using the Business Central and Jira Sync?

Currently the app is not yet published to Appsource so in order to use it you can contact us and we will get in touch of how to set it up.

Job with Issues From Jira

Job With Issues From Jira

Time Entries From Jira

Time Entries From Jira

Sales Invoice with Issues From Jira

Sales Invoice with Issues From Jira