AI is here and there’s no way around it. I don’t think I am the only one who is wondering what will happen in the future. Will my job as a software developer and consultant be obsolete? Will somebody’s elses job as something will be obsolete? Will all the wedding and birthday and graduation speeches in the future be written by AI?

I have no idea but probably answer to some of these questions is yes.

But how can I use the AI that is publically available today and how to make AI help me with my everyday stuff?

I tried out and asked AI about some of the problems I work with every to see where it can help me.

First example where I describe a table and ask for example JSON to test API.

This thing is done easily by AI. But there have been tools like this that generate better mock data for decades already. So its not very impressing.


I have a procedure thats validates something. I need example input from AI:


This doesn’t work, the input it suggests is wrong.

But it learns when I teach it.


Will it create me a brand new code?

I asked it to create me Javascript function that validates Estonian Personel ID code. It created it and it worked with my ID code.


Can it help me to start on a blog post “10 things great about Business Central”?

Yes it can but the result is as generic as the question is. This kind of low effort content probably wouldnt work very well.


Can it give complex VAT / Tax advice?

Can AI understand the complex trade logic with triangular VAT where theres Seller A, Bill-To-Party B and receiver C which some are located in EU, some are not and goods are sent directly to receiver?

It doesn’t, it gets confused who has to issue VAT etc.


Can it help me understand how to implement manufacturing costing for complex products?

I ask AI to help me come out with ideas of how to implement unit cost calculation for process manufacturing where the outputs are not certain and somehow the input costs must be added to the outputs. It doesn’t really work, the approch AI takes is very simplistic and just doubles the input value in the end.


Can it give me training advice to achieve cycling FTP (Functional Treshold Power) from 255 watts to 300 watts in 3 months time?

The advice seems generic and not very helpful but it does give some links that go deeper into the subject. So its actually not too bad - I have atleast something to start with.


In conclusion

I think AI is great and I definitely will use it in my everyday work and try to find ways it makes me more productive and maybe even have it generate some boilerplate code.

It looks like its not ready yet for problems that require complex and creative solutions but it might give some ideas to get started in some of these more complex problems maybe.