When page is missing ApplicationArea and UsageCategory it is not searchable in the searchbar and its not possible to bookmark the page to Role Center.

For example page 5407 “Prod. Order Comp. Line List” is defined like this:

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Its not possible to change ApplicationArea or UsageCategory in Page extensions.

But what if users still want to find page 5407 “Prod. Order Comp. Line List” in search bar and bookmark it?

Here’s a simple solution using separate page that will call 5407 and close itself. UX will be almost identical to standard page except its searchable and bookmarkable.

page 50100 "APP Prod Comp List"
    PageType = Card;
    ApplicationArea = All;
    UsageCategory = Administration;
    SourceTable = Company;
    Editable = false;
    Caption = 'Prod. Order Comp. Line List';

    trigger OnOpenPage()
        Page.Run(Page::"Prod. Order Comp. Line List");

    trigger OnAfterGetRecord()

What this code does is it runs page you specify in the OnOpenPage trigger and after getting record closes itself. I am using Company as source table but it can be whatever table it doesn’t really matter.