is Open Source standard to move data between services and targets. Service can be what ever Saas or on-Prem business software and target can be Google BigQuery, Redsift, Postgres or other data storage.

The beauty of the singer tap’s is that once you create tap then you can use it with what ever target you want.

I’ve create tap that pulls data out from Microsoft Business Central ERP via Odata API’s.


This is just a PoC to build foundation for a datawarehouse for the Business Central in the Cloud.

This works best with custom Query based Odata API’s that have their own namespace in Business Central. These API types are described here Query API’s in BC

The solution itself is available here for download - tap-businesscentral

How does it works?

  1. Create your Query API in business central
  2. Clone the project from tap-businesscentral
  3. Fill out the config.example.json with your own data
  4. Run the tap by running: python3 tap_businesscentral/ --config config.json Doing this you should start getting BC data in the standard output of your machine. Odata from Business Central
  5. Now you can pipe that Business Central data to some target using unix pipes as described in

Contact me if you have any issues with this.