some projects I’ve done over the years

Address autocomplete in Business Central

Javascript add-on that allows for the address autocomplete on BC cards when user is entering address.

Product cost simulation tool for Business Central

Solution that allows to enter simulated product cost on BOM component item cards and then simulate the produced finished good according to the new simulated component costs. This allows users to predict price fluctuation and see how what affects the produced products costs and compare the costs with previous periods.

Barcode solution for reporting production operations in Business Central

Simplified page that uses standard production journal that allows users to scan operation barcode and then enter the quantities produced. Both for web and mobile client.

Solution to recieve goods from warehouse with employee card in Business Central

Functionality that allows users to use their employee card to recieve goods from warehouse in Business Central.

Actual Cash Flow Reporting solution in Business Central

Functionality in BC that uses incoming and outgoing bank payments and dimensions and allows to setup rules which creates manual cash flow entries. This allows to analyse the actual cash flow. Also supports partial payments.

Web app that syncs data from Github API

Web app built in Golang and Golang html templates that allows users to sign in with their Github users and choose repos and labels that they want to track. Then every time an issue is closed with said label the issue assignee gets point. Then you can track who is doing what kind of labels and know their skills.

Web app that integrates with Quickbooks

Web app built with NodeJS that allows to create Request For Quotation for Quickbooks users. I’ve written about it more here

Productivity tool for SAP

I’ve written more about that here